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Let Next Level Lawn and Landscape Fix Your Hardscape

Let Next Level Lawn & Landscape Fix Your Hardscape

There is nothing like a brand new hardscape. Beautiful pavers arranged flawlessly, smooth concrete walkways, and a sturdy structure. Then, something happens. Cracks appear. Pavers start to sink. Stains set in. Suddenly, somebody trips. The breathtaking hardscape you once had now needs some repair. Do not panic. Our crew at Next Level Lawn and Landscape tackles these problems on a daily basis. Many of the hardscape repairs we do are on projects we did not install.

5 Common Hardscape Problems

  1. Chipped or stained pavers
  2. Cracked concrete sidewalks
  3. Moss or weeds in paver joints
  4. Sinking pavers or concrete
  5. White coating on pavers

At Next Level Lawn and Landscape, we are hardscape experts. Our crews have experience in hardscape installation and repair and assure you that every job we perform is done with quality and the utmost detail.

If your hardscape needs to be repaired, call Next Level Lawn and Landscape at (816) 447-0229, and we will get the job done right!


Posted on: Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Last modified on: Tuesday, October 3, 2017

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